Awareness Washington County Class of 2016

Twenty-one future servant leaders make up the Awareness Washington County class of 2016. The new class spent two days learning about servant leadership and the Twenty-first Century leadership capacities at the retreat in September. All AWC classes are hands-on, and the retreat was no exception. Class members participated in a variety of activities, which they then discussed and applied to real world situations. Each participant received a binder with resources for reference to add to their experiences.

In small groups, the participants analyzed groups in which they were involved and discussed how to help those groups function more effectively.  Participants reported feeling energized by the retreat and eager to see what the rest of the year would bring.  Co-directors Debbie Mildenburger and Marji Morris facilitated the retreat. Many board members assisted in the set up and throughout the retreat.

Early in October, the class met for an evening historical scavenger hunt prepared by Ginger Morris and Anne Terrell. Even Washington County natives said they discovered things around the square that they had not been aware of. We followed this with the traditional History Day facilitated by Drew Wright.

November meant Camera Safari presentations and Economic Growth. The presentations were creative and varied, from a Gilligan’s Island type video to a presentation from a tour company. All groups reported being impressed with the natural beauty of the county and all of the previously undiscovered gems.

The Economic Growth panel discussion was lively. Participants this year were Ron Haendigaes (City Council), Jai Parumel (GKN), Sabrina Burdine (Econ. Growth Partnership), Rita Lincks (Lincks Clothing), David Hoar (Co. Council and Ag), and Mark Day (Day Realty). Board member Chris Bundy also met with the group to report on the state of the arts in Washington County.