Every year the graduates of Awareness Washington County are challenged to utilize the concepts taught in the AWC program to make a "real world" difference in our community. The following is a partial listing of the projects that have been initiated by AWC graduates working together to build a better community.

Repair the Bell (Class of 2013)

Repair the Bell is a joint project between the adult and We The Youth classes. They researched issues with the bell in the Washington County Courthouse, and they are working with professionals to restore the bell and its housing.

Washington County Artisans and Farmers (Class of 2011)

The AWC class of 2011 proud to announce their project, Washington County Artisans and Farmers. This group’s mission is to provide fresh seasonal produce and unique artisan crafts to the people of Washington County.  This will take place at a market where producers and consumers support the local economy and serve each other's needs. Currently, there is a 15 member board serving as the start up board for this venture. This board is comprised of local farmers, artisans, and community members. The purpose of this board is to organize a winter and summer market that serves the community in many ways.

Centerpeace Project Development (Class of 2010)
The Awareness Washington County Class of 2010 is working in conjunction with the City of Salem and Washington County to transform the former cheese factory site in downtown Salem into a community amphitheater. The amphitheater is called CenterPeace and is a public gathering place for all of Washington County. Construction on CenterPeace began in 2010 and further improvements are planned. Several events have already been held at CenterPeace. For additional information contact Tony Frederick at 812-972-0648 or Heather Hardin at 812-620-3816.

Pied Piper Children's Theater Project (Class of 2009)
Furnish the Pied Piper children's theater. They held several fundraisers to purchase seats for the new theater.

Wishing Well (Class of 2008)
The class raised funds to purchase a wishing well which they personalized with Washington County pictures. The Well is usually located at Salem True Value Hardware or the Salem Jay C store. Contributions support the AWC program. Other non-profits can borrow the wishing well for fund raising at community events.

Friends of Beck's Mill, Inc. (Class of 2005)

Friends of Beck's Mill, Inc. was organized by Awareness Washington County Class of 2005. Awareness Washington County is a Servant Leadership Program  that runs from  September  until  May of each year. Each year's class chooses a servant  leadership  project in  which to serve  the community and practice their skills. While the class  was contemplating a project, an article appeared in the local  newspaper in January, 2005 about  Beck's  Mill. With  the mill in mind, the class set about to organize the Friends  of Beck's Mill. As it happened to be, D. Jack Mahuron had been meeting with Don and Joyce Andersen, and Joyce Allen as to the possibility of acquiring the mill for restoration. The Friends  of  Beck’s  Mill  accepted  the challenge of looking into the possibility of a restoration project.

Rebuilding Together Washington County (Class of 2004)

Rebuilding Together Washington County, Inc. began as a project of Awareness Washington County's Class of 2003-2004. The goal of the AWC class was to become an affiliate of the national Rebuilding Together organization. Rebuilding Together Washington County was officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service in October 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Shortly afterward, the Washington County affiliate was officiallly recognized by the national Rebuilding Together organization.

We began taking applications and started our fund-raising drive in November 2004. Our goal of rehabilitating 3 houses in 2005 was established. Other affiliates of Rebuilding Together began taking applications and planning for upcoming renovations up to a year or more in advance. Despite our late start, we've been very pleased at how the community has stepped up to donate time, funds and resources to help us achieve this goal.

Unify to Beautify (Class of 2003)

AWC Scholarship Establishment (Class of 2002)

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Washington County (Class of 1992)

Other Projects Developed By AWC Alumni:

Job Fair
On-the-Move Breakfast Series
Spouse Abuse Program
Courthouse “Star Brite”
My Best Teacher Award
We The Youth
Small Business Seminars
Community Against Drugs
Urban Beautification
Trustee Training
Tourism Committee
Cemetery Project
Wash. Co. Issue Forum
Legislative Day
City Signs (Welcome to ...)
Industry Luncheons
Wash. Co. Cleanup
Of Interest to Women
3rd Grade Community Awareness
Petunia Panorama
Softball Tournament
Wash Co. Connections
Practical Parenting Education
Save the Pool
Community Foundation
Wash. Co. History Video
Historic Preservation
Partners in Education
Wash. Co. Food Bank
Lake Salinda Park Improvements
“Kids Now”
AWC Scholarship Fund
Arts Alive


"I have become more patient, and to listen to others solutions. I have grown to lead and have become more thoughtful of others’ ideas. I have learned to speak up and be more team oriented, instead of trying to do it all myself."