Term Expires 2018

  • Lisa Aly (Treasurer)
  • LaDonna Mitchell
  • Karen Libka
  • Ginny Tackett

Term Expires 2019

  • Kara Blake (up-coming president 2019)
  • Corey Churchman
  • Geoffrey Harrison
  • Mike Motsinger (2018 President)

Term Expires 2020

  • Brenda Castueras
  • Connie Hardaway
  • Debbie Roll
  • Ron Haendiges


"I live each day feeling drained. My job is stressful and all-consuming. I want to do more than eat, sleep, and work. Awareness Washington County has given me back my passion and drive for this community. It has reignited my flame for servant leadership, and I'm so excited to share my light."