Term Expires 2018

  • Lisa Aly (Treasurer)
  • LaDonna Mitchell
  • Karen Libka
  • Ginny Tackett

Term Expires 2019

  • Kara Blake (up-coming president 2019)
  • Corey Churchman
  • Geoffrey Harrison
  • Mike Motsinger (2018 President)

Term Expires 2020

  • Brenda Castueras
  • Connie Hardaway
  • Debbie Roll
  • Ron Haendiges


"I have changed my perspective of other individuals by seeing their learning styles as capabilities instead of crutches. My classroom has adapted to the ideas presented in the class and for that we have all grown (I as the teacher, and the class as the learners) This class made me grow wiser of communicating with my peers. I can see wheels turning instead of blank stares! Yay!"