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"I feel I am more outgoing and sort of comfortable speaking in front of people. I feel I can better understand where people are coming from, ie., not being difficult but truly only seeing one perspective. I can now see from multiple perspectives."

"Because of Awareness Washington County, I have become more confident in who I am as a leader."

"I have tools to better appreciate my colleagues’ skills and aptitudes, and with that, I am a better co-worker. The increase in my ability to empathize with people has helped me collaborate where before there was conflict."

"The class allowed me to step out in a new community & get involved in different areas to better Washington Co."

"The lessons I have learned at Awareness Washington County has helped me become an even better leader. The skills and relationships have helped me to examine how I do things and how I can improve on a daily basis. Washington County is a better place because of the AWC program"