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"I have learned to look at things from others' point of view. I have learned that my opinions matter & need to be shared. I have learned that it is okay to not be extremely lower right, & I am not always right."

"I have a total different idea of what a leader is. I have learned it is nothing what I thought. A true leader's goal is to work themselves out of a job."

"I have become more patient, and to listen to others solutions. I have grown to lead and have become more thoughtful of others’ ideas. I have learned to speak up and be more team oriented, instead of trying to do it all myself."

"I have changed as a person and a leader as a result of this program. I am a little more outspoken, when it comes to ideas, thoughts or concerns that I may not understand. I am more open to new ideas. I am more comfortable speaking in front of people now than when I started."

"I feel like I am starting to open up and talk a little more in front of people. I've had a lot of positive encouragement on this and made a lot of wonderful friends!"