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"AWC has allowed me to take time and appreciate all the good things happening in Washington County and to show appreciation to those people who are leading others!"

"I have learned new skills that have helped me grow in all areas of my life. I feel like I'm better equipped to accept people for their own style, and I have learned ways to "stretch" myself in order to be more open to all people. I feel like I've also gained confidence by being a participant in this class. Thank you Awareness Wash. Co. for everything you do!"

"Because of Awareness Washington County, I have become more confident in who I am as a leader."

"AWC has given me the confidence to be a more mature and positive member of any group I find myself participating in."

"I have gained confidence! I learned how to become a leader and that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to! I will use all the tools to be a better mother, wife, & employee. This class changed my life & I recommend it to anyone trying to go places."