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Date added: 06/08/2021
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"The lessons I have learned at Awareness Washington County has helped me become an even better leader. The skills and relationships have helped me to examine how I do things and how I can improve on a daily basis. Washington County is a better place because of the AWC program"

"Awareness Washington County made me more of being an active listener."

"I have changed my perspective of other individuals by seeing their learning styles as capabilities instead of crutches. My classroom has adapted to the ideas presented in the class and for that we have all grown (I as the teacher, and the class as the learners) This class made me grow wiser of communicating with my peers. I can see wheels turning instead of blank stares! Yay!"

"I have learned when the time is right to be quiet and listen & speak up. People have all kinds of different battles that are rarely seen. Be kind to everyone."

"I've grown by trying to step back, listen and process before I react. I vocalize with less bluntness with the person's quadrant in mind. The class raised my awareness of what our community has to offer and what our community needs in order to be better. I will strive to make a change in the community."