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We welcome new members at any time. You may join by sending a check for $25.00 to Yvonne Maxey at Awareness Washington County, Box 212, Salem, Indiana 47167. You may contact Yvonne by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or comments about the Association.

2020 Alumni

  • Albert, Troy
  • Pickens, Helen
  • Voyles, David
  • Webster, Jess 

Lifetime Members 

  • Aly, Lisa
  • Bills, Amanda
  • Bills, Nathan
  • Blake, Kara
  • Bortka-Wells, Paula
  • Bowling, Janet
  • Calfee, Amanda
  • Davis, De
  • England, Andrea
  • Farmer, Carolyn
  • Hardaway, Connie
  • Jean, Carmelita
  • Kelley, Angela
  • Kelly, Adam
  • Martin, Kathy
  • Maxey, Yvonne
  • Motsinger, Mike & Nina
  • Quatroke, Roseanne
  • Reasor, Josh
  • Roll, Debbie
  • Soliday, Susan
  • Terrell, Anne
  • Walker, Allison & Mark



"I feel I am more outgoing and sort of comfortable speaking in front of people. I feel I can better understand where people are coming from, ie., not being difficult but truly only seeing one perspective. I can now see from multiple perspectives."