Servant Leader Program Testimonials

I have gotten more confident. I have a better understanding of others. I've learned how to accept and work through conflicts. I strive to work harder. It has brought out a more bold vision of myself. I've learned to stretch. I look at things through different lenses. 

I think that AWC has helped my confidence as a person and a leader. It assured me that it is ok to have my own opinion and that it's ok for it not to be the same as everybody else's. I will speak up more and share my ideas because they do matter.

I am a lot more aware of others' opinions. I understand people's different ways of thinking. I know how to "stretch" to come to an agreement. I know how to use resources to be able to do more. I am excited to be a part of our project and to provide that in the county.

 I have gained more confidence in myself and feel as though my opinions/ideas are worth more than I thought. I also got to feel a sense of community and make lifelong friends along the way. I have grown in a lot of ways because of AWC.

 1) Better understanding of different personalities
2) more comfortable expressing opinions
3) more reflective of my attitude-and the impact on others
4) Exposure to a whole group of people that I would not have met or interacted with

I've become more open and accepting. More ready to work with others instead of being the always right, in charge person who does everything myself.

 I feel that AWC has given me a better understanding of how to relate to others in a group setting. It has given me tools to be a more productive person when working as part of an organization and renewed my desire to be active in the community.

 Changes I've noticed since being a part of AWC are: more interest and involvement in my workplace. Taking on responsibility which makes a difference to the entire store. Also, within my family developing more patience and allowing myself to be more open to new ideas. Also, being an active part in my place of worship and making commitments, listening w/understanding, working w/Learning styles, being a part of the community, not just living in it.

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