The new class enjoyed a trip to Historic Beck's Mill among other historic sites in Washington County. 

Members of the 2022 AWC class include Lukas Kulikowski, Lindsy Kulikowski, Whitney Hooper, Nicole Purlee, Selena Crady, Kullan Blakey, Kim Reynolds, Brandan Bergdall, Laura Wanke, Drew Wright and Raymond Lee (Local historians) not pictured: Tina Smith and Evan Chastain. 



"Awareness Washington County made me more of being an active listener.."

"People do become greater and receive encouragement from what I share and think from me sharing my life story with them."

"In this class, as a leader, I have continued to develop the character traits of a true servant leader, improving my interaction with others. As a person, I learned about other classmates in Washington County to help understand the expectations of my peers. "

"I feel I am more outgoing and sort of comfortable speaking in front of people. I feel I can better understand where people are coming from, ie., not being difficult but truly only seeing one perspective. I can now see from multiple perspectives."

"I feel like I am starting to open up and talk a little more in front of people. I've had a lot of positive encouragement on this and made a lot of wonderful friends!"