AWC Board will be hosting their 3rd Annual Mrs Claus Gift Shoppe. We are asking Alumni to possibly donate a dessert or canned soft drinks.

If you are able to donate please contact me and let me know. If not, then please shop with us November 5th !


Self Discovery





"I have become more aware of the various things others have done before me to improve our community. It made me realize that I need to contribute more myself. I am now more aware of the variety of other people’s back story and how it impacts them."

"I have changed as a person by realizing it's okay to trust and share difficult things. No one can have it all together all the time and it's alright to grow and admit that. As a leader, I have learned about other personalities and how to meet someone where they are in the present time. All opinions are valuable, even if they are different than your own."

"Awareness Washington County has helped me realize that we can all impact change. We may not all be in the same boat but we are sailing the same seas.."

"I have learned to look at things from others' point of view. I have learned that my opinions matter & need to be shared. I have learned that it is okay to not be extremely lower right, & I am not always right."

"I have learned new skills that have helped me grow in all areas of my life. I feel like I'm better equipped to accept people for their own style, and I have learned ways to "stretch" myself in order to be more open to all people. I feel like I've also gained confidence by being a participant in this class. Thank you Awareness Wash. Co. for everything you do!"